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December 4, 2008
Gmail account as online file storage

Here’s a useful way to store all your files in your Gmail account, so that you can access it from anywhere. As you know, you have up to 2GB worth of space and that’s a large amount of space to fill up with just emails. So why waste all that space when you can use it to store you files, maybe as backup or just to be able to access them from anywhere.

Using a program from, you can create a virtual GMail drive in Windows Explorer or My Computer and drop files directly into your Gmail account using Windows Explorer. Once the program is installed, click on the Gmail drive in My Computer, type in your login credentials and you’re ready to go!

How to Install the Gmail Drive Application

First, you’ll need to download the softwware from here:
Scroll to the bottom and click on either of the two download links. Save the file to your desktop or favorite download location.

Open the folder called GMail drive and click on setup. The program will install the shell extension and ask you to restart the computer. Restart and log back into Windows. Open My Computer and you should now see an icon for the GMail drive as shown below.


Double click the drive and you’ll be presented with a screen to type in your Google account email and password. Check the Auto Login check box and click OK.


You will be logged into Gmail and a blank drive will open where you can now begin to drag and drop your files. You can also right click on any folder or files and click Send To -> Gmail Drive.


When you begin to transfer any files to the GMail Drive, a dialog will pop up with a progress bar to indicate the current status:


The GMail Drive will automatically be updated to show your new files. You can easily delete files by right clicking and choosing delete. Your GMail drive will look like a normal Windows Explorer drive:


Your files will show up in your GMail Inbox as regular emails with attachments. You can save these into a separate folder in GMail so that you can view them later.

If you don’t want to get lots of emails for each and every single file you upload to GMail, you need to create a filter that will automatically archive the emails for you so that they don’t clutter up your Inbox.

How to Create a Filter in GMail

1. Click on Create a filter next to the Search the Web button.

2. For the Subject type in GMAIL:FS6

3. Click Next and then check the box for “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)”


Click Create Filter and you’re done. This will ensure you that when you upload files to GMail, they will bypass the Inbox and go straight to Archive. You can then view them later on by clicking the All Mail link to see archived items.

One limitation with this program is that the a file has to be smaller than 10MB in order to upload it. If this is not a problem for you, then you’re set. However, if you need to upload files larger than 10MB, you’ll have to try another program for GMail that splits the files into smaller pieces before uploading.

The name of the program is RoamDrive and if you cannot live with the 10MB limit, than this is your only choice. It will let you get past the 10MB limit and it allows you to specify the amount of space you want to use just for storage.

If you use FireFox, they have a really nice extension that allows you to do the same thing, except within FireFox and it also doesn’t have the 10MB upload limit. However, you don’t get the convienence of the virtual drive in Windows. You can download GSpace here:

Anyway you like, you’ll be able to get a large amount of space for free!

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